"Magnificent, isn't it?" - said my new acquaintance suddenly. "I have come here from far away following the call of my heart. I have arrived just to see the sunrise at this very moment and feel happy"

"On my way I also saw planets. Some were cozy, others seemed abandoned, left without love and care. Some planets were absolutely dark – not a single soul was sparkling on them."

Sometimes I don't see my friends for years, but once we meet and spend time together we are so happy to see each other. If we don't meet or write, it doesn't mean that we aren't important for each other. Thus time and distance have no power, we are friends anyway.

He said: - And after all it is, probably, good that time is disappearing, when we are together … I thought that it was unbelievably good. And that night there was a big smile left on the snow, one smile for two of us.

I reread these words again and again. The spring was laughing carefree in our hearts.

The sounds, which filled that night, were full of gentle melancholy. We were together and it was amazing. But could it be so forever? What were the chances, that two creatures, dissolving in the sounds of a flute near a lake on a distant planet, would choose to be together even further? There was the infinite Universe all around us, luring into millions of various events and possibilities and inside there were two hearts, filled with warmth and beating together...

Friends were always with me. They supported me and warmed my heart. He was far away, further than ever...

It was as though we left our bodies somewhere far behind, near the waterfall. And our souls rose high in the sky and were dancing there together with stars till the morning. Between dream and reality I remember looking into his eyes full of happiness and calmness. They reflected the dark sky, sparkling with constellations.



The book "Drops of the sky" was written by Elizaveta Kovaleva in 2010-2011. Here you will find author's illustrations drawn with a simple pen on paper. Each picture has a quote, which goes with it.