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I do not paint in oil very often. I only do so, when I can not photograph the subject, when there is nothing like my idea of a future painting in reality. That is why most of my paintings are abstract. I don't strive to paint in realistic manner, I only try to express my ideas. Each painting has a story behind it and a rather strong inspiration. Sometimes it takes me monthes to paint one picture, while at other times, only a few days is enough.

The book "Drops of the sky" was written by Elizaveta Kovaleva in 2010-2011. It is about about difficulties wich we meet, when you are getting to know and trying to understand another person.

Here you will find author's illustrations drawn with a simple pen on paper. Each picture has a quote, which goes with it.

The series shown in this galery is devoted to hunted animals. Since we have moved to Dresden and started living by the forest, I gained sympathy for deers and other wild animals, which are being killed here in big numbers. With paintings I try to show the beauty of these animals, which their eyes looking directly at the viewer and ask to stop hunting and killing.

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