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"Lost and found" or "Pictures Of Rust And Paint"

Soviet Union has been left in the past, but in old quarters of a city, at the abandoned docks we still find the remains of the old civilization: railroad cars, rusty buses, half-destroyed boats and autos. Patterns of cracks and runs of paint form symbolic and beautiful compositions. People pass by, not noticing the beauty hidden in these piles of trash. Some, however, can see amazing images in these forgotten objects.


Many artists nowadays use abstract painting techniques to express social and political views on the contemporary society. The reflection of these subjects was found by me in the abstract canvases already created by nature. I believe that nature's work cannot be ugly, it always creates masterpieces. Even the things which are falling apart still look amazing. The task of the viewer is to find beauty in the midst of the general decay, to find it in chaos and to see the logic in it. In the "Pictures Of Rust And Paint" new images and ideas are born in front of us. Old things are given new life in the contemporary art.


Find press about my photography on-line (in Russian):


Press about Elizaveta Kovaleva (Timofeeva before marriage):                             


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