Also I stayed in a tent camp beyond the permafrost line for 2 weeks in Kola peninsula with nearest town about 140 km away and loved the ancient feel that nature has there. I flew to India to go through Vipassana practice, which involved being silent for ten days. I love adventures and I admire Life! So if you have some kind of crazy wedding in mind - either high in the mountains or on the yacht, sailing through the fiords of Norway, or maybe in the snows of Iceland - I am the right person to be your wedding photographer. I will fall in love with all your most unusual ideas and will give you even more of those :) 



Ok, now a few lines about how I came to be photographer. My art career began, probably, when at the age of two I learnt how to hold a pencil in my hand. As a child I spent most of the time drawing, painting and taking pictures and decided to make my living as artist and designer. In the age of 23 I graduated from Moscow State University of Industrial and Applied Arts. Unfortunately for my design career, it was also about time, that I fell in love with travelling and developed even greater love for photography, which made me spend almost every day either taking pictures, or editing them, or learning and reading about photography.



By the age of 32, having traveled a lot, taking photos of people, landscapes, weddings and whatever else I fell in love with, I still find myself learning something new every day and admiring people, their different ways in life and the beauty that surrounds us everywhere.


At the moment I work mostly in Germany, but ready to go far away to create amazing images for you. All around Europe or Asia, or Africa - I will be happy to travel to your wedding and make the best out of my being there! Contact me to set the date for wedding photography or engagement session for 2020-2021. ATTENTION I have a maternity leave from July 2019 till May 2020! I might be able to take 1 or 2 weddings only in 2020, because the baby will be still very small!






My name is Elizaveta (or simply Liza, which I actually prefer), I was born in Moscow, Russia, on 24th of January 1986 (yeah, I am that old!) Now I live in Dresden with my husband Sergey, our baby boy Mikael. He was born on the 2nd of September 2014. Right now I spend a lot of time with my son and I am not able to take too many weddings in 2018 and 2019, as Mikael is still rather small, but feel free to contact me about photographing your most important day! Please note, that last years I received requests from up to seven couples, getting married on the same date, so I was able to photograph only those, who contacted me and signed the contract first. You have to pay a non-refundable deposit of 50% of the price to secure the date, so it stays with you and I don't give it to anyone else. As the weekends in summer are very popular, so they are flying away like hot pies, so, basically, the sooner you contact me, the more chances you have to get the date you want.

Wedding photographer Germany

Wedding photography packages include beautiful wooden boxes with engravings of the names of the couple and their date of the wedding,

a USB-stick, also engraved with couple names and up to 20 printed photos of photographer's choice. Here is an example:


I love travelling and my passion for photography is a part of the excitement and fascination I have with nature, cities and people I meet on my way. And I do get excited easily, you know. And I love-love-love destination weddings! I have visited thirty three countries by now and feel at home almost everywhere. I speak English and Russian fluently and German on the intermediate level. This all allows me to navigate easily in foreign countries and gives couples the feeling that heir photographer won't be lost on the way to their ceremony, taking place somewhere faraway from home. So please write me, if you are dreaming of a wedding in the mountains, on the islands or even in African dessert - this all sounds like something, for what I will be happy to travel.

I am always up for new challenges and opportunities. Therefore I have done some amazing things in this life. I sailed in Croatia, France and Greece, skydived two times and tried piloting a plane and a glider. I took some photographs flying on a paraglider on sunset. I snowboarded from Volcano on Kamchatka and climbed some high mountains in Slovakia. Sometimes I walked without a map somewhere for many kilometers and got home safe hitchhiking with some nice people.

From here you can continue to my PHOTOGRAPHY PORTFOLIOS or read  FEEDBACK FROM MY CLIENTS.

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